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Give yourself permission to bring ALL of you to this adventure called Life!

About Girls Behaving Metaphysically

Girls Behaving Metaphysically is about new ways to explore old Belief Systems. It brings the understanding that we live in a friendly universe, where everything supports us (even when it doesn't feel like it). It's a big, juicy, metaphysical hug! It is a roadmap to help you navigate Life’s awesome adventure. Welcome!

If you have found our website or podcast, we're willing to bet that you are a “spiritual seeker.” A spiritual seeker is someone exploring truth, one who is seriously considering – or reconsidering – what God, Spirit, The Universe, Buddha, Source, Jehovah, etc., means to you.

You might be pondering a higher purpose or contemplating the meaning of life itself, and regardless of your questions, you are open to finding new answers. You are "on the journey,” and it’s about exploring the questions and finding your own answers that are supported by spiritual truths and principles.

For Robyn & Sumaiya, it's about creating a safe space to be vulnerable and feel comfortable enough to dialogue and explore together. At the end of the day, Robyn & Sumaiya are passionate about supporting everyone that joins them on this quest.

Join them each week as they explore the deeper questions of Life, ushering listeners through discussions and processes leading them to realize that the strength, the courage, the passion or whatever it is that they seek, is already within them.

You are as you believe yourself to be.

Stop believing.


About Robyn

Robyn calls herself an “Artivist.” She loves to inspire & empower people through the Arts and other creative endeavors. She is passionate about social activism and global inclusion. She believes in creating and “being the change we wish to see in the world.” Her commitment is to inspire others to be their authentic self, find their power and share their gifts with the world.

She has studied and served extensively within the New Thought Movement and beyond. She has lent her talents to children, youth, and adults, through local classes, workshops, retreats and ministries. She is a trained Spiritual counselor & Creativity coach. No matter what she is doing, she is always committed to creating the space where insights, joy, and passion reveal themselves and each participant can embrace their perfect learning while living into their Infinite Potential.


About Sumaiya

Spiritual life coach Sumaiya Wood is on a mission to inspire an army of 10,000 spiritual explorers to explore the whispers and wisdom of Soul, to ferret out the spiritual facts, and boldly walk their spiritual talk in every area of their lives to experience the peace and freedom that come from seeing the world anew each and every moment.

Her passion is helping you navigate life’s challenges successfully with time-tested insights and proven tools – because the world needs you to unleash your awesome!

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